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3 Best Programs to Protect Your Passwords

Recent events showed that sensitive data from Twitter could be gathered using just wiliness as no hacking was required to do this job. This should worry the members of this social network because tricking such IT giants and collecting information from them should be nearly impossible, or at least require exceptional hacking skills.

Although sometimes having unique passwords for every email, social network, document share accounts or other logins is enough, it is hard to remember all of them. Furthermore, various keyloggers could do you serious damage. Fortunately, there is a quick and simple solution.

There are programs which act as encrypted password safes. They create codes which are almost impossible to break; moreover keyloggers will be no longer a threat and your whole computer work will be simpler. The best of them are described below.


LastPass is a very impressive application. The program stores all the passwords in an encrypted form on the LastPass’ servers. Because of that, you can reach your passwords from any computer by using web interface, browser add-on or bookmarklets which can be added to all browser toolbars just by dragging them.

LastPass code the passwords using 256bit AES encryption, but they never hold the keys, because as soon as you log in to your account, the encrypted file is sent to your HDD and only then it is being unlocked.

Have in mind that the default settings of the LastPass are not reasonable, as they suggest you leaving your internet browser always logged-in to the application, thus allowing every person which is using your PC to log into your web pages. The automatic form filling feature is very handy. Its purpose is to block software or hardware keyloggers from stealing your passwords.

The best thing about LastPass is that you can get it for free, and it will offer more features, than most of the expensive rivals. Furthermore, you can get additional features such as token security via encrypted USB key for just $1 per month.

Furthermore, LastPass is compatible with all platforms except iPhone, although you can still use the mobile version of the webpage and use the bookmarklets on mini Safari. Unfortunately, LastPass privacy policy is not certificated by any major PC security company, so you’ll have to take their word for granted.


1Password is an application which encrypts your cellphone passwords; furthermore it can synchronize with a desktop version of itself.


KeePassX is a simple but effective desktop locker. This application is tightly associated with KeePass project. However, KeePassX is compatible with a lot of platforms, not like the predecessor which was only available for Windows.

You can simply leave the application working in the background, and it will fill in forms for you. It doesn’t store data in an online server like LastPass, so you have to carry USB with the logins if you want to access your passwords from other devices.

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