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Apple Developer Site Has Been Compromised

Apple corporation shut down its developer webpage. The decision behind the action was not revealed. In a report released by company’s officials,  they claimed that Apple had to take these measures due to the attacks against the mentioned webpage which took place on July 18. It was reassured that all the personal data. which was stored in the website, was encrypted. The developers associated with the company were contacted via email and presented with information that due to recent events Apple will improve its security infrastructure. It was also told that the company was working on rebuilding the developer servers.

The message for the developers also described the attack itself and possible consequences. Apple claimed that the attacks took place last Thursday. During them,  hackers tried to steal personal information from the website; fortunately, all the sensitive data was in encrypted form. Although, the company cannot dismiss the possibility that some data, belonging to developers, such as mailing addresses, names, email addresses might have been used. Apple states that it took necessary actions as soon as the attacks were discovered. The developer webpage was taken down on Thursday, and the company’s experts have been working on those issues since then.

Due to recent attacks, Apple is upgrading their server software. Furthermore, the company claims that the entire database is being rebuilt.  Apple also publicly apologized for the inconvenience and promised that the webpage will be brought to life in the upcoming days.

The developer web page acts as a resource for company’s associates who develop applications for Apple’s platforms such as iOS and OS X. This and other databases associated with Apple are often targeted by attackers. Earlier in 2013, hackers (who also caused damage to Facebook) exploited the Java zero day vulnerability during the attack against the company. Furthermore, iTunes store is also often threaten by the hackers. Due to this situation, Apple claimed that improvement in the security of the databases is one of the main goals of the company.

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