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Browser Extensions for Your Optimal Protection

The variety of browser extensions, which serve to protect your privacy, is huge. That’s why users have so many questions about them. For example, what is the difference between them? Which extension is the best? What particular applications they need? This article will review the most popular browser extensions and will provide recommendations concerning them.

AdBlock Plus, an easy way to block ads and scripts

Ad and script blockers provide complete browsing control to the user. These extensions block advertisements displayed on the websites; furthermore they can disable third party scripts and widgets that deliver data to unknown sources. Unfortunately, if you are not familiar with these applications, using them might end in unexpected results, as ad and script blockers can break websites by rendering them unusable. Luckily, it is easy to learn and after few tries you’ll figure it out what to allow and what to block. Furthermore, disabled advertisements might financially affect the websites you are visiting. These circumstances allow you to choose which sites deserve your support and which are just worthless and irritating without the use of an ad-blocker.

Adblock Plus is a powerful tool compatible with Firefox and Chrome. It blocks pop-up advertisements, banners, rollover ads and other features which annoy the users. Furthermore, it can disable tracking cookies and scripts provided by third-parties, this tool can also prevent you from visiting malicious websites. Adblock Plus is suitable for everyone as it has a combination of features which are both easy to use and effective. Pro users can take advantage of the advanced features such as subscription lists and active lists, although inexperienced users can turn Adblock Plus on and leave the program to do its work automatically.

Tracking is no longer an issue with Disconnect

Lately, the number of anti-tracking and anti-cookie applications has increased significantly. Their purpose is to stop third-parties from tracking your movements when you are browsing the net. Although the market of these extensions has been growing rapidly, all the provided products are very similar as the biggest difference between them is the user interface.

Disconnect, a tool developed for Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari and Firefox, is the best choice among this type of browser extensions. First of all, Disconnect constantly updates its database and keeps adding new helpful features to the application. Secondly, its toolbar has an easy-to-use menu which allows you to block third party cookies and lets you control all website scripts and elements. Furthermore, it is the only tool which provides Wi-Fi security and bandwidth optimization features. This makes the browser extension unique and separates it from other products. The previously mentioned Secure Wi-Fi feature protects the users from sidejacking, which is an activity during which a stolen cookie is used for accessing personal data. Moreover, social networks such as Twitter or Facebook track you even when you’re browsing other websites. Fortunately, this application has a feature which blocks these malicious social network activities.

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