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Fake Adobe Flash Player Update Extension Delivers Spam Ads

A new malicious app appeared which is disguised as Adobe Flash Player update extension, but once it is installed, the application will present the user with unwanted advertisements. The app is called FlashPlayer11.safariextz and is compatible with Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and Safari. It is mainly distributed using porn webpages. The victims are presented with a notification which states that a new version of Flash is required to view the video. If they press on the link provided in the notification, the malicious app is installed. Jerome Segura, IT expert working for Malwarebytes, told that this distribution strategy is successful, and as a result, the malware is widely spread.

As mentioned before the purpose of the malicious program is to display advertisements, which might be quite vulgar. Segura also added that those ads might appear any time user is browsing the internet, no matter what webpage is visited. He gave us an example when a pornographic add appeared while he was browsing, which is a webpage designed for children.

The malicious program also has the capability to display ads over the legitimate ones; thus you might see strange and inappropriate advertisements in legitimate websites. By implicating this kind of tactics, the developers behind the software can generate an impressive amount of traffic for certain websites, thus generating income for themselves. If the user is constantly presented with vulgar and inappropriate advertisements, one should check the extensions which are installed in the internet browser, and remove the ones which are not needed.

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