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Google Adds New Protection from Malicious Extensions

Guys from Google are always trying to make Chrome a safer internet browser. They always have to be one step ahead of the criminals, which are constantly seeking for breaches in the software. Fortunately, Google Chrome has the capabilities to protect itself from most of the hazards. Current version of the browser has a feature called Safe Browsing. The purpose of the feature is to block unwanted downloads and malicious webpages. Furthermore, if a malicious program somehow managed to hack Google Chrome and alter its settings, users can simply hit a button called “reset browser settings”. This will restore the settings to the previous state. All the previously mentioned features are perfectly functioning; nevertheless the browser still has weak points. Currently, the main goal of the developers is to protect the users from the installation of unwanted browser extensions.

The malicious extensions are capable of tracking browser activity or injecting advertisements. As a result, of these unwanted programs websites will load slower, and the whole browsing experience will become unpleasant.

Fortunately Google Chrome has found a solution to this problem. They adapted a new policy. According to it, Chrome Web Store will become the only source of browser extensions. If extensions were installed previously, and currently they are not found on the Chrome Web Store, those extensions will be blocked.

Google will still support local extension installs during development, in addition to the installs via Enterprise policy. What is more, if software developers have a dedicated installation flow from their websites, they can make use of the existing inline installs feature. The users of Windows developer channel and the ones that are using other OS, won‘t be affected by these changes.

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