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Despite the evolution of detection and removal methods malware still remains a serious threat to the computer users. In fact, it does damage for more than $2 billions every year. Hackers who crack passwords or scammers fooling you to click on malicious links are not the main source of infection. Actually, the malware usually access the computer due to security breaches of the software. It happens as a result of the fact that programs installed in the computer such as antivirus software or even internet browsers and messengers are usually old and outdated.

The Drawbacks

Every computer user who has some sort of antivirus software knows the routine of cleaning the device. You just set the program to scan the system and do your own business for the upcoming 30 or 120 minutes. After the scan is finished you put the detected malware to quarantine or remove it completely. Although performing these scans is important, but they can’t guarantee that some of the malware won’t sneak through unnoticed. Furthermore, despite the fact that the malware is removed automatically the traditional antivirus software still wastes your time, as you are constantly presented with annoying pop-ups and the active program significantly reduces your computer’s performance. So actually the antivirus programs themself cause the same effects that users are fighting against, such as annoying pop-ups and decreased performance of the computer.

Essentials of prevention

The best solution, when fighting against malware infections, is to change the approach to the problem. Users need to use preventative model when dealing with malware instead of the currently used reactive approach. There are few simple tips for starters:

1. Reduce the number of administrator accounts of the computer

2. Use a good firewall and antivirus software

3. Avoid clicking on untrustworthy links

4. Be sure that all devices such as laptops or smart phones are physically secure

5. Download only trusted software

6. Don’t provide remote access to your computer

7. Don’t provide your personal information via emails

8. Delete emails with attachments without opening them

9. You should always create strong passwords and don’t share them with anybody

10. Always log out and lock your computer when you’re not using it

11. Make back-ups of important data

12. Keep you’re programs up to date

13. Always try to learn new things concerning computer security keeping up to date

All the tips provided above are useless if you are not keeping your software up to date as the updates fix the holes in the programs which might create access for malware. Google, Microsoft, Apple, Firefox and other giant companies discover and fix thousands of breaches each year. It is estimated that computer with unpatched software is encountering up to 50 new security issues every month. Unfortunately, keeping all programs up to date might be a hard and time consuming task, as the updates for the software are released on different schedules and in different numbers. Luckily, there is a solution for this inconvenience.

The new model

The perfect software should completely protect your computer from outside threats. Furthermore, it shouldn’t disturb your work.

GFI product called Viper 2013 is an unique program. This is the first software that has Easy Update: a feature which finds, downloads and installs the latest security patches as soon as they are released. GIF’s Viper also discovers and removes all known malware. Furthermore, you will be protected from harmful downloads, suspicious links, phishing sites and other dangers which might affect your system. This particular antivirus software is developed to perform deep and efficient system scans which cause minimal interference with your work flow. While the program is performing system scan you will not be annoyed by constantly appearing notifications The program will do its job in the background, and your assistance will be required only in those cases when ¬†additional actions are inevitable.

Viruses and other malware are constantly changing that’s why computer users should always be alert and willing to seek for new solutions. The new GIF’s product Viper combines both protection and prevention. This new approach is called ‘set it and forget it’. It’s a new fully automatic system which allows users to improve their work efficiency as Viper takes care of all the surrounding troubles.

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