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New Scam Forms Spreading on LinkedIn

Researches from Bitdefender team lately received a LinkedIn message from a user named Aziz Mohammed, a manager at Malaysia’s Standard Chartered Bank. The LinkedIn profile was created by using a real Aziz Mohammed photo and all information from the LinkedIn profile.

The fraud note was straight enough, suggesting to create a legit business collaboration and asking to reply to a e-mail address. The assailant also created a fabricated Facebook profile for Aziz Mohammed, however a photo he had used for the profile belongs to earlier Secretary of State Colin Powell. This was done to zoom legality.

The letters sent through LinkedIn are normally larger then simple e-mails and LinkedIn profiles are used by business people to communicate with other people all over the world for business needs. People apprehend LinkedIn as a trusty source, however LinkedIn does not confirm attitude or company that person pretend to work in, like for example Facebook does.

Don’t rush to any business suggestions through e-mail, even if it looks trustworthy. It is better to contact the company by phone or arrange a business meeting if it involves personal information.

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