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PayPal CISO Michael Barrett Seeks to Obliterate Passwords

Michael Barrett, the Chief Information Security Officer of PayPal, has a new mission. At first glance it may sound strange and impossible – rid the world of passwords and implant a safer and stronger system for authentication.

CISO of PayPal brought this topic to public attention last week while visiting Las Vegas. He strongly believes that today’s password system is defective and needs simply to die. The main reason is a huge and regular amount of security breaches in various fields.

Barrett states that a regular users choose weak passwords and use them all over the place, thus reducing their security to the lowest possible level. PayPal CISO agrees that no one can ever be completely secure, however, passwords do not do enough to decrease the risks.

“The solution to the password puzzle is the FIDO Alliance (Fast IDentity Online),” stated Michael Barret. With FIDO users leverage strong authentication systems, including biometric devices for fingerprints.

Barrett thinks the Internet would be more much secure if passwords are replaced with the mentioned security technologies.

Source: eSecurity Planet

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