Performing A Reset Of Google Chrome’s Browser Settings


Does your Chrome Browser constantly crash or freeze? You might keep getting redirected to either unfamiliar or ad pages while browsing and you see pop ups as well as new tabs that refuse to close. This means that it’s high time you reset your browser to its default state for a better and fulfilling browsing experience.

To reset browser settings comes with a lot of disadvantages because in doing so, you are wiping your slate clean. Every configuration you set is gone, all of the information on your homepage, browsing history, tab settings, cookies and search engines disappears. If you reset your browser, all of your installed extensions and any other temporary or cached data will be disabled as well.

On the brighter side, all of your saved bookmarks and passwords are safe. You won’t be redirected to another website while browsing. That also means no unwanted ads or pages, no unwanted extensions in your way.

Now you’ve read this, you already want to reset, don’t you? Here is a step by step guide on how to reset your Google Chrome Browser to its default settings and enjoy your browsing experience afterwards:

1) Open your Google Chrome Browser.

2) Click the menu icon (three vertical dots at the top right corner), just below the close window ‘x’ sign.

3) Click ‘Settings’, with the Chrome Browser Settings appearing in a new tab.


4) Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click ‘Show Advanced Settings’.

5) Scroll down again and towards the end, you see ‘Reset Settings’.

6) Click ‘Reset settings’.

7) A mini window appears and restoration process confirmation begins.

8) Click ‘Reset’.


9) Your Google Chrome Browser is restored to its default state.

Using Clean Up Tool For Resetting Google Chrome Browser Settings

The Cleanup Tool used to reset Google Chrome is a program created by Google that scans computer systems for programs creating issues in Chrome. The applications it targets are malwares, badwares, adware extensions or any unwanted program that causes ads and other actions to appear when they’re not required in Chrome.

Below are easy steps to take when it comes to using the Chrome cleanup tool:

1) Download it.

2) Run it

3) Let it scan your computer system for any unwanted programs.

4) Remove any unwanted program that it will alert you about.

5) Wait till it deletes all unwanted programs and, resets Google Chrome back to its default settings.

Note: The Chrome Cleanup Tool automatically deletes itself, once it has finished running and the program is closed. It means that if you attempt to run it at another time, you won’t find it.


Your Chrome Browser can be easily reset to its default state by following the above guidelines. When you click ‘Reset’, you enter a new era free of unwanted pop ups, ads or extensions.