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Qvo6 Virus Removal. How to Get Rid of Browser Hijacker?

Qvo6 Virus, also known as, is a browser hijacker that modifies your browser’s settings intentionally without consent. Qvo6 injects its code lines to preferences files of Internet Explorer, Chrome and Firefox. Moreover, this infection hijacks shortcuts of your browser and inserts a particular argument into the shortcut’s target field. Once your browser is hijacked, every time you run it or click on homepage/new tab, it will load Qvo6 webpage.

Qvo6 virus

Qvo6 Virus usually comes with bundled third-party adware applications. It may also infiltrate to your system via add-ons, extensions or toolbars. You should always be aware when you download any application from software distributors such as Brothersoft or Best proof of unreliability is people’s voice – check out the ratings of this website in Web of Trust community. Trustworthiness and vendor reliability received very poor ratings in this case.

Qvo6 Virus collects and stores information about your browsing habits, logs every visited website. All gathered data is sent to marketing companies. The Qvo6 Virus uses social engineering tactics in order to generate revenue via cost-per-click affiliate system. Our team advises you to eliminate this threat from your computer as soon as possible.

Automatic Qvo6 Virus Removal

Download and install SpyHunter to detect and remove it.


Windows XP/Vista/7/8. Internet Explorer 6.0 or later

  1. Install SpyHunter by double-clicking the downloaded file. Follow the on-screen instructions
  2. SpyHunter will automatically scan and detect threats

Learn more about SpyHunter (EULA) and How to Install | Uninstall Instructions

Note: download size is 3.0 MB. SpyHunter trial version offers an unlimited number of scans and detections. You can remove detected files, processes and registry entries yourself or purchase a full version.

Manual Qvo6 Virus removal

Important Note: Qvo6 Virus can be removed manually, however any mistakes can lead your PC to permanent damage of the system. Therefore a manual removal process is highly recommended for IT experts and system administrators. For regular users, team recommends using SpyHunter or any other reputable security application.

To remove Qvo6 Virus, check your Add/Remove Programs list in Control Panel (Start -> Control Panel -> Add/Remove Programs). In the list search for apps related to Qvo6 and then choose ‘Uninstall’.

Also remove Qvo6 from your browsers:

Internet Explorer:
Tools -> Internet options -> General tab. Enter your desired website to make it the default homepage.

Google Chrome:
Settings -> Appearance. Enter your desired website to make it the default homepage.

Mozilla Firefox:
Options -> General tab -> Startup. Enter your desired website to make it the default homepage.

Delete any folder related to “Qvo6″ from the following folders:

  • %ProgramFiles%
  • %AppData%
  • %ProgramData%
  • %LocalAppData%

41 Responses to Qvo6 Virus Removal. How to Get Rid of Browser Hijacker?

  1. john mc bride says:

    please remove above named website thank you

  2. john mc bride says:

    It has hijacked Internet ghrome and m.firefox

  3. jconti says:

    please remove the above web site from my computer

  4. poltemp1 says:

    please remove the above web side from my computer . thank you

  5. Wendy Clark says:

    How can i delete it ?

  6. claudio says:

    please remove the above web side from my computer . thank you

  7. eileen watts says:

    please remove above web site from my computer thank you

  8. ilse says:

    Can you pls remove the above website thank you

  9. jim says:

    ples help me to remove this virus

  10. gio says:

    si puo rimuoverlo grazie

  11. neilwiebe says:

    please help me remove qvo6

  12. alessio says:

    rimuovere completamente

  13. alessio says:

    remove is a qvo6

  14. neilwiebe says:

    i have tried to remove this qvo6 virus but i cant please help me

  15. dale says:

    please remove qvo6 from my computer

  16. seeni says:

    plz remove

  17. latheesh says:

    please remove qvo6 from my computer

  18. Neetu says:

    Please remove Qvo6 from my computer as it affect my Internet Explorer,Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.

  19. joan montells matas says:

    no m’interessa entrar al ordinador amb aquesta pestanya. eliminin-la

  20. joan montells matas says:

    m’estorva en les meves tasques. eliminin

  21. Константин-пк says:

    удалить QV06

  22. Gazza says:

    The rascal persisted but I finally got rid of it from Firefox.
    1) I did everything QVO6 told me to do.
    2) I searched for QVO6 within the files and deleted what was there.
    3) I did a virus and root check (Norton).
    4) Finally I found that it was lurking within the quick launch icon on my desktop. When that was deleted there was no more trouble.

    I hope this helps someone.
    Stay Tuff

  23. Aleia says:

    Thank you so much for this recommendation. Spyhunter removed Qvo6 immediately!

  24. luisa says:

    rimuovete questo Qvo6 che non mi piace.

  25. Graham says:

    QVO6has ruined my ability to use programs I need, the program has uninstall programs that make things worse please help me delete this nightmare.

  26. John Palmer says:

    Please help me remove Qvo6

  27. John Klemm says:

    Could you please help me remove Qvo6,it has stuffed my computer.I cant do anything on websites I want to use.It’s a nightmare.

  28. KAREN says:


  29. Philip LaRussa says:

    need help please to remove QVO6

  30. asaf says:

    Well, Just uninstall and reinstall the browser.
    This worked fine on firefox. just took 2 minutes and no third party was used….
    make sure you uninstall all unwanted programs from the “Change and remove”.

  31. Wayne Denholm says:

    Please help me to get rid of QVO6 from my browser homepage with Internet Explorer my story is the same as many of the ones posted here, it’s so annoying and I have tried everything I can to remove it but nothing works please help.

  32. Mohamed says:

    I want my browser back no Qvo6

  33. Dennis says:

    would be great to get rid of qvo6 from my computer.

  34. prem says:

    please remove qvo6 from my computer

  35. Tony Kean says:

    Please let me know how I can get rid of QVo6 Toolbar and Search Engine Forever, I Heard it is Very Difficult but it is causing me n Extremely big Headache and so many Problems,it is Hijacking my System Any Ideas anyone on how to Eradicate it Completely?

  36. Bernie Smid says:

    I was told by the hospital I T tech to set my computer back to the factory settings. I have Qone8 and this is what I am trying to do.

  37. kostas says:

    αφαιρέστε το πάνω πλευρά του web από τον υπολογιστή μου. σας ευχαριστώ

  38. Elizabeth says:

    please remove QV06

  39. Bev says:

    I have had this Qvo6 on my Web Browser I have tried every thing also to get rid of it, it is really driving me crazy.

  40. margaret o,callaghan says:

    please,please how can I get rid of qvo6 it is driving me nuts.

    please, please help me how can I get rid of qvo6it is driving me nuts.

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