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Remove MagniPic Virus

MagniPic is a browser extension, which allows the user to enlarge Facebook pictures. The program is compatible with the three most popular internet browsers: IE, Firefox and Chrome. MagniPic is available for download on the official website of the app and on other websites, which distribute free software.

MagniPic virus

The basic concept of the software seems beneficial for the user; nevertheless the program is suspicious. Before installation,  no information is presented to the user. As a result, MagniPic appears on the computer out of nowhere. IT experts call this type of installation “silent”. No trustworthy software is distributed using this method. Furthermore, MagniPic is usually packed with additional unwanted programs. SearchProtect is one of the applications which might come along with the MagniPic. Once installed, it will perform redirects which might lead you to webpages containing malware. Furthermore, due to SearchProtect you will be presented with pop-up ads, which might also contain links to corrupted websites.

The MagniPic itself has some potentially dangerous features. For example, the application has the capability to gather data concerning your internet browsing. The collected information is sent to unknown servers or sold to third parties. Having in mind all the hazards, which might be caused by MagniPic it seems unreasonable to use this program. It is not worth risking to lose your private data for the benefit of seeing larger photos on Facebook.

It doesn’t matter whether MagniPic was installed with your consent or it was installed unexpectedly with some freeware, removing the application as soon as possible is the best solution.  If you want to avoid similar programs in the future, you should install freeware cautiously. Always look for some information concerning the company behind the development of the program. Furthermore, check if the distributors of the software are trustworthy. Finally, be watchful during the installation process. These simple tips might save you time and energy which might be consumed by malware or other unwanted programs.

Automatic MagniPic Removal

Download and install SpyHunter to detect MagniPic and remove it.


Learn more about SpyHunter and How to Install

  1. Install SpyHunter by double-clicking the downloaded file. Follow the on-screen instructions
  2. SpyHunter will automatically scan and detect threats

Manual MagniPic Removal

Important Note: MagniPic can be removed manually, however any mistakes can lead your PC to permanent damage of the system. Therefore a manual removal process is highly recommended for IT experts and system administrators. For regular users, team recommends using SpyHunter or any other reputable security application.

1. To remove MagniPic, check your Add/Remove Programs list in Control Panel (Start -> Control Panel -> Add/Remove Programs). In the list search for apps related to MagniPic and then choose ‘Uninstall’.

2. Delete any browser plugin related to “MagniPic”:

Firefox -> Add-ons -> Extensions.
Google Chrome -> Settings -> Extensions.
Internet Explorer -> Manage add-ons ->Toolbars and Extensions.

3. Also remove MagniPic from your browsers:

Internet Explorer:
Tools -> Internet options -> General tab. Enter your desired website to make it the default homepage.

Google Chrome:
Settings -> Appearance. Enter your desired website to make it the default homepage.

Mozilla Firefox:
Options -> General tab -> Startup. Enter your desired website to make it the default homepage.

4. Delete any folder related to “MagniPic” from the following folders:

  • %ProgramFiles%
  • %AppData%
  • %ProgramData%
  • %LocalAppData%

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