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Remove Tuvaro Search Browser Hijacker (Uninstall Guide)

Tuvaro Search is a browser hijacker that modifies your browser’s homepage, default search engine and causes redirects of webpages. It is also known as Tuvaro Toolbar or

Tuvaro IE may look like a legitimate website created to assist users with their search sessions. However, security experts and malware researchers started to classify this threat as browser hijacker due to its constant redirections to potentially unwanted websites.

Once installed, Tuvaro Search changes your DNS settings and hijacks the main browsers like Internet Explorer, Google Chrome and Firefox. That results in continuous redirections to domain This browser hijacker is spread by using spam e-mail attachments, freeware or shareware programs.

Tuvaro Search collects and stores all information about internet users activity, logs every visited website. All gathered data is sent to marketing companies. The company that is responsible for developing Tuvaro Search adware, pays a certain amount per install for their affiliates, and this is the reason why it is exploited by so many unfair marketers.

Automatic Tuvaro Search Removal

Download and install SpyHunter to detect Tuvaro Search and remove it.


Windows XP/Vista/7/8. Internet Explorer 6.0 or later

  1. Install SpyHunter by double-clicking the downloaded file. Follow the on-screen instructions
  2. SpyHunter will automatically scan and detect threats

Learn more about SpyHunter (EULA) and How to Install | Uninstall Instructions

Note: download size is 3.0 MB. SpyHunter trial version offers an unlimited number of scans and detections. You can remove detected files, processes and registry entries yourself or purchase a full version.

Manual Tuvaro Search removal

Important Note: Tuvaro Search can be removed manually, however any mistakes can lead your PC to permanent damage of the system. Therefore a manual removal process is highly recommended for IT experts and system administrators. For regular users, team recommends using SpyHunter or any other reputable security application.

To remove Tuvaro Search, check your Add/Remove Programs list in Control Panel (Start -> Control Panel -> Add/Remove Programs). In the list search for apps related to Tuvaro and then choose ‘Uninstall’.

Also remove Tuvaro Search from your browsers:

Internet Explorer:
Tools -> Internet options -> General tab. Enter your desired website to make it the default homepage.

Google Chrome:
Settings -> Appearance. Enter your desired website to make it the default homepage.

Mozilla Firefox:
Options -> General tab -> Startup. Enter your desired website to make it the default homepage.

Delete any folder related to “Tuvaro” from the following folders:

  • %ProgramFiles%
  • %AppData%
  • %ProgramData%
  • %LocalAppData%

16 Responses to Remove Tuvaro Search Browser Hijacker (Uninstall Guide)

  1. angela says:

    i want to remove this from my computer

  2. katie reed says:

    I want to remove tuvaro from my computer

  3. ron says:

    My machine is Windows 7, Windows Home Premium, IE 11 – two years old Gateway.

    Afflicted with a ton of popups and it uses Tuvaro in IE – a week ago it was MSN,but mo more.

    Reset the computer to several months back. Did not get rid of anything

    The manual removal does not work for getting rid of Tuvaro:
    Tuvaro is not in the list of my programs, so it cannot be uninstalled. In IE, the desired website has been changed to MSN. Did not change. Still opens in Tuvaro. Google chrome was not affected. Ran adwCleaner, Malwarebytes Anti-Malware, Junkware Removal tool. Nothing changed. Tuvaro is stil there.

    The Automatic Tuvaro Search Removal Tool did not fix it either

    So, as of this morning, the pop up ad thing is about 90% fixed. However,some ads still pop up – mostly dealing with my computer’s performance. Performance is fine – just cannot get rid of Tuvaro.

  4. Vicky says:

    Tuvaro isn’t listed in my program to remove, I have tried removing it from all the suggestions listed and it keeps coming back. Bing isn’t listed either.

  5. robertherteljr says:

    i want to remove tuvaro from my computer but it wont let me

  6. shirley says:

    l want remove tuvaro from my computer please

  7. shirley says:

    l don’t want tuvaro from my computer

  8. lilyan marzetti says:

    get rid of tovaro

  9. L.Clark says:

    I want out of conduit and Tuvaro

  10. Yvonne says:

    Want to remove Tuvaro.

  11. Carol Horton says:

    I didn’t download tuvaro or bing and both are my search browsers. I have done the internet options changing back to google and still it is here. I have tried everything.

  12. Daniela Exis says:

    We cannot get rid of Tuvaro no matter what we try. What Can we go?

  13. Katie Reed says:

    I want to remove Tuvaro from my computer but i cant and i cannot afford to pay for it to be removed please help me

  14. Mark Jespy says:

    look for something related to “” or “search engine” through the control panel -> uninstall programs, it worked for me.

  15. jim says:

    help me to uninstall tuvaro

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