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Softonic Delivers Adware Apps Embedded in Installer Packages

Intego research team recently announced that Softonic company has been compromised by delivering adware embedded in installer packages that were available for downloading in the company’s official website. The particular software applications UnRarX and VLC player were combined with security threats identified as OSX/Okaz.A.

During the installation process, users were prompted with a suggestion to additionally install a toolbar called ChatZum. However, if the user even deselected the option of the toolbar, the Softonic package would install Zako plug-in and would change the default search engine to

After this incident came public, one of the Softonic representatives announced that “we were testing an installer for Mac on selected software and thanks to your post and other users information, we have immediately stopped the distribution of this installer until our provider corrects the error.”

Remembering similar incidents of Softonic installer packages, it seems that the mentioned company does not bother to add adware to freeware applications.

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